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AGOnline - Chronique des fouilles en ligne  provides the latest information about current archaeological fieldwork in Greece and Cyprus.  Site entries are mostly drawn from reports provided by project directors (from Greek universities, foreign schools in Athens, colleagues in the Ministry of Culture, and the Archaeological Institutes which operate within that Ministry), and from Greek language journals. These include journals of primarily local or regional significance (such as Κρητικά Χρονικά or Θεσσαλικά) as well as the major digests, notably:
  • Αρχαιολογικόν Δελτίον (ADelt)
  • Το Αρχαιολογικό έργο στη Μακεδονία και Θράκη (AEMTh)
  • Δελτίον τῆς Χριστιανικής Ἀρχαιολογικής Ἑταιρείας (DeltChAE)
  • Τό Ἔργον τῆς ἐν Ἀθήναις Ἀρχαιολογικής Ἑταιρείας (Ergon)
  • Πρακτικά τῆς ἐν Ἀθήναις Ἀρχαιολογικής Ἑταιρείας (PAE)
  • Αρχαιολογικό 'Εργο Κρήτης (ΑΕΚ)

We also draw information from Ministry of Culture and Tourism press releases which are published on-line at, correlating them with reports in the Greek press. Information of significance which appears only in the Greek press is included where it can be verified. Because our focus is on the latest primary data, we do not regularly abstract information from international journals published outside Greece and Cyprus, although we do make reference to such publications where there is a clear connection with a particular site entry.  The editors are always grateful to receive details of fieldwork projects.

ABBREVIATIONS for AGOnline (entries posted pre-2011)

anc. ancient;   Ar Archaic;   BA Bronze Age;   Byz Byzantine;   CA Cypro-Archaic;  CC Cypro-Classical; CG Cypro-Geometric;  Chal Chalcolithic;  Cl Classical;  Ch Christian;  Cor Corinthian; Cyc Cycladic;  EIA Early Iron Age;  Fr Frankish;  Geo Geometric;  Gr Greek;  H Helladic;  Hel Hellenistic;  M Minoan;  Med Medieval;  Mes Mesolithic; mod. modern;  Myc Mycenaean;  Neo Neolithic;  Or Orientalizing; Ot Ottoman;  P Proto;  Pal Palaeolithic;  PH Prehistoric; Rom Roman; Ven Venetian.
E early;  M middle;  L late; F final (also used in combination, e.g.: PGeo Proto Geometric; MBA Middle Bronze Age).

asl above sea level; d. depth/deep; di. diameter; h. height/high;  ha hectare; l. length/long; m metre; w. width/wide.

Compass points:
N S E W and combinations thereof.

Pottery decoration:
bf black figure; bg black glaze;  rf red figure; wg white ground.

Ct century; taq terminus ante quem; tpq terminus post quem.

Specialized Ephoreias:
EBA Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities;  EMA Ephoreia of Maritime Antiquities;  ΕΠΚΑ Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities; EPSNE Ephoreia of Palaeoanthropology and Spelaeology for Southern Greece; EPSVE Ephoreia of Palaeoanthropology and Spelaeology for Northern Greece.
For further information regarding Archaeological Services and Ephoreias of the Ministry of Culture, please consult the specific web page.
Other Archaeological Institutions


Greek place-names:
The spelling of anc. site-names usually follows the standard transliteration of ancient Greek: α/a β/b γ/g (γγ/ng γκ/nk γξ/nx γχ/nch) δ/d ε/e ζ/z η/e θ/th ι/i κ/k λ/l μ/m (μβ/b μπ/b) ν/n ο/o π/p ρ/r σ,ς/s τ/t υ/u (or y) φ/ph χ/ch ψ/ps ω/o. Exceptions to the rule are made where anglicized place-names are very well established. By contrast, transliterations of modern Greek personal- and place-names follow the modern convention.