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Dernières notices ajoutées par région : Iles Ioniennes
Agios Nikitas. A Myc tholos tomb was discovered and partially destroyed in the course of work to widen the road from Ag. Nikitas towards the crossroads of Kathisma, in an area where Myc activity has not previously been attested. Rescue excavation by the ΛΣτ' ΕΠΚΑ (under its Director, M. Stavropoulou-Gatsi) followed. The tholos was small (2.3m in diameter, 1.9m preserved height), and built with irregular series of local fieldstones. It contained many burials with grave offerings (illustrated) including handmade and wheelmade pottery (the latter mostly small vases as alabastra and prochoiskoi), 2 steatite sealstones, beads of different materials, spindle whorls, a bronze leaf-shaped point and clay spindle-whorls.The tombs was used in the LH IIIA and LH IIIB periods.  

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Corfu (Desylla Factory). The H’ ΕΠΚΑ reports that renewed excavation revealed parts of the city fortification walls of the Archaic to Hellenistic periods and a sixth-century two-roomed probable shrine building.  

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Corfu, Kanoni (Voutsela and Doukaki property). The H’ ΕΠΚΑ reports the discovery of settlement remains of several periods from Late Geometric to late antiquity, organised around a network of main and side roads.  Late and Sub-geometric pottery was found in foundation levels on the Doukaki property.   Hellenistic sherds and a large number of coins were found in the road fill on the Vousel property.  

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Kerkyra, Marasli and Kyprou Streets (Menekratous plot). The 21st EBA reports the discovery of a 25m-long stretch of the 18th-century Venetian fortification of the Sotiros hill (fig. 1) with a cobbled channel running alongside it (fig. 2). Venetian wall foundations found in 2003-2004 along Marasli Street, immediately to the north of the Menekratous plot, are probably to be associated with this fortification (fig. 3).

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Kerkyra, Palaio Phrourio. The 21st EBA reports on excavation inside the two towers of the central gate (fig. 1) and the first tower south of the central gate complex in preparation for a change of use (fig. 2). Bronze coins of the Emperors Mavrikios (Maurice) (582-602 AD) and Basil II Boulgaroktonos (976-1025 AD) were found, as well as Early Byzantine pottery.  These finds indicate that the area was in use from the Early Byzantine period onwards, and may date the foundation of the Byzantine castle to the sixth century AD, several centuries earlier than previously thought (fig. 3).  

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