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Informations générales
Numéro de notice 5380
Année de l'opération 2015
Date de modification 2016-06-17
Nature de l'opération Fouille - Programmée
Institution(s) ASA
Fiche(s) associée(s) 2014 - 2015 - 2017

Athens, Glyfada Asteria. Konstantina Kaza (ASA) reports on continued excavation of the round pit reported in 2014 (Fig 1). The pit was originally constructed for the collection of rainwater and was associated with a metal casting workshop. At a later phase it was used as a deposit pit which contained EHI pottery sherds, obsidian blades, shells and pieces of litharge.

Two burial shafts (16 and 17) were dug into the pit. The burials indicate that the area stopped being used for workshop-related activities. The finds from the pit pertaining to this final, burial phase were reported last year.

Burial 16 contained bones belonging to 15 individuals and 2 children, and a skeleton in a contracted position with another skeleton of a young child next to it. The votive offerings include a frying pan, pyxides, two Cycladic figurines (Fig 2), a small marble phiale, bronze foils, and two pinchers.

Burial 17 contained two skeletons in contracted positions, obsidian and pottery sherds.

Mots-clés Figurine - Métal - Nécropole - Production/extraction
Chronologie Bronze ancien
Référence bibliographique

Ergon (2015) 9-11

Auteur de la notice Chryssanthi PAPADOPOULOU
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