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Informations générales
Numéro de notice 4609
Année de l'opération 2002
Date de modification 2014-09-18
Nature de l'opération Fouille - Sauvetage
Institution(s) ΗΕΠΚΑ
Fiche(s) associée(s) 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2005
Doliani. G. Riginos (Η’ ΕΠΚΑ) reports that cleaning of the main gate of the outer fortification circuit revealed the presence of a single-nave Byzantine chapel (7.7 x 5.5m) built over the west tower of the gate. The chapel occupied the northern half of the tower and the north and east walls were founded on the walls of the tower: the walls were of small limestone slabs with tile and mortar. There was a small apse (1.7m in diameter) in the east wall. The main entrance of the chapel is preserved on the west side, and there may have been a second entrance on the south. At some later stage a single unified narthex was added around the west and south sides: its walls were of large stone blocks in earth (only the foundation course is preserved).
Trial excavation outside the east wall of the west tower revealed a cemetery which was probably contemporary with the chapel. Seven poorly constructed tombs (three tile graves and three simple cists) were found, oriented east-west: they contained single inhumations (with the exception of one contemporary burial of an adult and a child) without grave goods.
Mots-clés Chapelle - Nécropole
Chronologie Période byzantine
Référence bibliographique ADelt 56-59 (2001-2004) B5, 264. 
Auteur de la notice Catherine MORGAN
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