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Informations générales
Numéro de notice 2762
Année de l'opération 2011
Date de modification 2012-09-19
Nature de l'opération Fouille - Programmée
Institution(s) Ministry of Culture and Tourism (ΕΠΣΝΕ): British School at Athens
Fiche(s) associée(s) 2003 - 2008 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2015 - 2017
Koutroulou Magoula. N. Kyparissi-Apostolika (ΕΠΣΝΕ) and Y. Hamilakis (BSA/Southampton) report on continuing excavation in the Neolithic settlement. The tell is now understood to be terraced on the north, east and south sides. (Figs 1, 2) Excavation revealed the well-preserved walls of at least two new Middle Neolithic structures, with several open-air activity areas in between. A corridor-like feature, belonging to a structure probably of the Bronze Age, indicates more extensive later activity than previously understood. One inhumation was revealed, raising the possibility of further burials nearby. (Fig. 3)
The large quantity of finds includes small objects such as clay balls, and (Fig. 4) some 60 figurine fragments plus two new fragments of terracotta house models, confirming that the site is unique in the Neolithic of Greece for its wealth of figurines (the total so far exceeds 200). Other finds include chipped and polished stone, and some 24 quern stones mostly found broken and clustered in an outdoor activity area. Preliminary indications are that most pottery dates to the second half of the Middle Neolithic. Alongside the excavation, study of the 5,200 animal bones recorded in 2011, including worked fragments, enabled recognition of various patterns of differential treatment and deposition. Soil flotation samples were taken, soil micromorphology sampling continued, and a pilot programme of organic residue analysis was conducted in preparation for the 2012 excavation season.
Mots-clés Figurine - Habitat - Maison - Os - Sépulture
Chronologie Néolithique - Néolithique moyen - Âge du bronze
Référence bibliographique Unpublished field report, BSA.
Auteur de la notice Catherine MORGAN
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